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Removal of Honey Bees from a House

They say the world largely depends on bees. This may be so. But sometimes there is risk of getting stung by the Fort Lauderdale bees in your house, the constant buzzing may be annoying and yes, the honey may eventually destroy your house.

What you need to know
Before you can start trying to remove Florida bees from your house, you need to understand where they are hidden. Bees like hiding in house cavities and dark areas where there is little to no disturbance to set up their combs. Therefore, remember you can find them in spaces within your walls or in the attic.

This can be used by fashioning a cone like door and firmly placing it at the beehives entrance. This door can be created using wire mesh (with small enough holes not to allow the bees in through the holes. Leave a tinyopening of about 3/8of an inch. (Small enough to allow them out but not back in. This process takes long and therefore you must be ready to wait it out. Also have a small hive outside that will serve as an option to the Fort Lauderdale bees that are trapped outside the main hive. You can later move it to another location once a substantial number has taken to the new hive.

Use of chemicals:
While this is not one of the most humane means of eradicating them. You can use insecticides that contain Pyrethroids. They act to kill the bees that are active at the time of the spraying. However, in order to completely get rid of them, you may have to do it again over a period of time to ensure that all the Fort Lauderdale bees die.

Use the services of a professional
Exterminators who use chemicals to get rid of the bees. However, you may need to call them more than once as all the bees do not die instantly Beekeepers who are happy to move the entire hive away from your Florida house and sometimes even pay you for the hive.

Be cautious
While bees mind their business, disturbance can cause aggressive behavior. The African honey bees are an especially aggressive species, and if you have a hive in your house you are well advised to seek Fort Lauderdale professional help. You may need to advise your neighbors and family when undertaking this exercise as it may prove dangerous to unprotected people and children.

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