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Raccoons, with their bandit masks and ringed tails are cute, but they're also very common wildlife pests in urban areas. They love to live in cities, Fort Lauderdale no exception. They are excellent climbers (to climb into your attic), they are very strong (to rip a hole in your roof and tear up your attic ducts) and they have very nimble hands (to open your garbage can and make a mess). They steal pet food, kill pet birds or fish, and even enter into the doggy door and into your house. They most commonly live in attics, particularly female raccoons who need a safe place to raise their young. We humanely trap and remove raccoons, and repair the damage that they cause.  

We provide professional Raccoon control for all of greater Fort Lauderdale, FL including all of Broward County and the towns/cities of Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Margate, North Lauderdale, Lauderhill, Pompano Beach, Oakland Park, Plantation, Cooper City, Hollywood and more. We are not a standard Fort Lauderdale extermination company - we specialize only in wildlife, and will identify and trap the Fort Lauderdale Raccoon, control the problem in full, and we give a guarantee on our work.

Raccoons can cause significant contamination and health risk to attic spaces, with their droppings. Homeowner's insurance may cover the cost of full attic cleanup and restoration, with new energy-saving insulation replacement. Click here for info on our: Attic Cleanup and Insulation Replacement Services.

Will a pest control company remove a raccoon in Fort Lauderdale?

Raccoons are considered as one of those wild animals that cause a lot of damage to the people by actually living in their homes. They create a huge mess and destroy a number of things, including insulation pipes, ac ducts and even walls. The raccoons cause a nuisance once they enter the territories of a house. Mostly they turn up for food or for shelter but end up making your house their permanent place of residence. When such a situation prevails, people often turn up towards the extermination companies. It is indeed the work of an animal control and services company if the problem of the raccoons increases and gets out of control.

But the thing is, is it advisable to turn to the pest control companies to exterminate raccoons? Probably not. The reason is that raccoons are not pests. They are wild animals and they are nowhere near to be handled like pests. To be precise, the pest control companies are not equipped properly to handle matters related to wildlife. The pest control companies use sprays and in some cases even poison to gain control over the situation. This is the least favorable way to handle wildlife. Pest control companies and wildlife companies are two different things. The wildlife companies trap the raccoons and take them away to put them to the place that they belong. They do not use chemicals to kill the raccoons. They trap the animals and then fix the openings through which the raccoons might have entered in the first place.

A raccoon problem is not an easy one to handle. You need expert hands to do the job. It is just not the setting of traps and capturing the raccoon but is far and more different than just that. The situation varies in every case. In some cases there are baby raccoons that have loaded the place along with their mother. If you try to mess with the babies the mother might attack you and hence the physical contact with the raccoon may cause you rabies. Using poison and killing them as per the pest control companies is not the best option. Instead you should hire a professional wildlife control expert to take over the situation. The matters regarding wildlife are very twisted and complex times and can only be handled by a person who has complete knowledge of what he or she is doing and a good and is well known and well equipped with the instruments required to trap and capture the raccoons which basically is not the work of the pest control companies. Such professionals also give you expert advises for the prevention of raccoons and how to keep your place safe from their intrusion and vandalism.

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Customer Email: Hi Patrick (I presume), I just called to find that you guys arent in your offices yet. I know it's 4 AM. But I called because im having a raccoon problem in my home. My neighbor has led me to believe that raccoons are living somewhere in my home. I know for a fact that they arent getting inside, but rather living in an area in my house where not easily accessible to people. They are climbing my neighbors front gate to climb onto my balcony. This balcony is only cosmetic to my home, so it is not accessible by doors, but i went up there to find that there are traces of poop. So i am pretty convinced that they are living some where in my home. They are not bothering me so much as they do my neighbor because I dont hear them coming, but they are waking my neighbor everyday at about 530 am. I was curious as to what the procedure is to have this taken care of. Are there any fees? How soon can it be handled? Knowing the raccoons are living in my house some where, and not know where is very unsettling, please advise as to what you and/or i can do!

The Wildlife Operator Prepares for Coon Control - A complaint by exterminators likely is that nonresidents buy or lease large tracts of FL raccoon habitat and quickly put up NO TRESPASSING signs, sometimes excluding residents who have trapped the area for years. “Nonresidents are generally interested in harvesting big male animals. When they post land it tends to reduce wildlife management company density and makes it very hard to take enough does off that property to meet biologically surveyed amount goals. It likely is land that our resident exterminators can’t access,” the humane society manager remarked. Creature Specialist has strongly supported the establishment of special traps, including the establishment of legal critter stalking within city limits and other cities. The need for large group reduction came from homeowners having landscape and garden FL raccoon damage and city governments worried about increasing vehicle collisions. Many cities took his advice and legalized bow critter stalking. Florida City male animated the trend and hires sharp creature catchers to lethally trap FL raccoon. It reduces FL raccoon amounts but comes at what is possibly a high cost to taxpayers. Fort Lauderdale exterminator and Fort Lauderdale wildlife removal professionals declined comment on the matter. Establishing urban seasons often puts the affable biologist squarely between animal rights activists opposed to critter stalking and exterminators, gardeners, and motorists. He’s appeared at dozens of organized hearings of urban FL raccoon task forces. Some have been highly contentious, but his patience and insistence on sticking to lessons learned by research has earned him the respect of many Florida residents and led to the opening of urban critter stalking. The Cedar Rapids season likely is what is possibly a good example. Following years of debate the capture was launched in 2005 and despite the warnings voiced by opponents exterminators harvested almost 300 FL raccoon within the city without serious incident.