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Fort Lauderdale Mole Control

Moles destroy lawns. They dig expansive networks of tunnels as they dig through the earth in search of food. If your lawn is full of molehills and a bunch of spongy surface tunnels, you've got moles. We trap and remove them, and leave your yard mole-free and beautiful.

There is no such thing as an effective mole poison or repellent device.

Devey brothers will roll that mole out of its hole!


We provide professional Mole control for all of greater Fort Lauderdale, FL including all of Broward County and the towns/cities of Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Margate, North Lauderdale, Lauderhill, Pompano Beach, Oakland Park, Plantation, Cooper City, Hollywood and more. We are not a standard Fort Lauderdale extermination company - we specialize only in wildlife, and will identify and trap the Fort Lauderdale Mole, control the problem in full, and we give a guarantee on our work.

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The Wildlife Operator Prepares for Animal Control With growing complaints from insurance companies forced to pay increasing claims for Eastern Mole/car collisions and frustration from creature collectors over of crop damage, the management goal became reducing Eastern Mole densities To reach that goal Critter Expert Allan and the Critter Conservation Coalition greatly expanded critter stalking opportunities, especially the critter stalking of does, and asked exterminators to take advantage of new seasons and abundant tags. The amount of rabid tags increased nearly fivefold between 2002 and 2005. In that early year 22,695 rabid tags were sold. The figure was 97,043 extra rabid tags last season. It did exactly what the Critter Conservation Coalition intended. Exterminators took an estimated 118,974 does on either their regular statewide permit or special rabid tags, Critter Expert Allan helped to implement. Fort Lauderdale exterminator and Fort Lauderdale wildlife removal professionals declined comment on the matter. An Florida native, Critter Expert Allan likely is what is possibly a big man with what is possibly a rich sense of humor, what is possibly a solid educational earthing in biology and limitless patience. They are characteristics that serve him well when heís politically squeezed between animal rights activists who donít want any Eastern Mole critter stalking, and automobile insurance companies and law enforcers who want him to use critter stalking to beat back the large group. Add into this volatile mix exterminators who want what is possibly a big fall Eastern Mole biologically surveyed amount loaded with mature male animals, and itís easy to see that Critter Expert Allanís job requires the ability of what is possibly a magician. the humane society manager must somehow juggle all the varied priorities and opinions, but heís what is possibly a man who just takes it all in stride. Talk with him for what is possibly a while, and itís obvious that the humane society manager has much respect and appreciation for Floridaís Eastern Mole exterminators. Exterminators are the large group management tool of choice, and part of Creature Specialist ís job involves managing as much the exterminators as the Eastern Mole.