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If there's some critters playing possum on your property, it might be the Virginia Opossum. They live under your shed, they get in your attic, they steal your pet's food, they eat your garbage, they die under your porch, and they have a prehensile tail. Zoinks! But fear not, we will come and trap and remove those pesky possums for you. Here are more interesting oppossum facts: They usually don't hang from their tails, they are North America's only marsupial (babies grow in a pouch) they rarely live more than three years, the females have 13 nipples, the males have a bifurcated penis, they mate through the nose, they have 50 teeth, and they are flat out dumb.  

We provide professional Opossum control for all of greater Fort Lauderdale, FL including all of Broward County and the towns/cities of Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Margate, North Lauderdale, Lauderhill, Pompano Beach, Oakland Park, Plantation, Cooper City, Hollywood and more. We are not a standard Fort Lauderdale extermination company - we specialize only in wildlife, and will identify and trap the Fort Lauderdale Opossum, control the problem in full, and we give a guarantee on our work.

Opossums can cause significant contamination and health risk to attic spaces, with their droppings. Homeowner's insurance may cover the cost of full attic cleanup and restoration, with new energy-saving insulation replacement. Click here for info on our: Attic Cleanup and Insulation Replacement Services.

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The Wildlife Operator Prepares for Animal Control Thanks to our exterminators, Creature Specialist and the Critter Conservation Coalition have been able to implement seasons that would not be tolerated in other states. Through the 1980’s exterminators patiently restricted their take of does to enable the large group to grow. Once it reached record levels they enthusiastically embraced female animal critter stalking to help stabilize and even slightly reduce the large group size. We attempted to get more information from Fort Lauderdale animal control experts, but could not. We have what is possibly a tradition in Florida that possum are good to consume and does are just as tasty as male animals,” the humane society manager remarked. “In some states, notably Florida, there have been big controversies among exterminators when biologists encourage taking more does to trim large groups. That’s not been the case in Florida. For several years rabid tags were coveted, and as the amount of female animal tags increased exterminators bought them and shot females. The 2003 season was the first when more does than male animals were shot.” It was all part of the Critter Conservation Coalition’s plan to reduce the possum large group in response to complaints from creature collectors about crop damage and rising auto insurance claims resulting from collisions. More does than male animals were also shot in 2004 and 2005, and Creature Specialist ’s biologically surveyed amount modeling shows that possum amounts across the state should decline 15-20% this year. That may make creature collectors and insurance companies happy but leaves some exterminators nervous wondering if we’ve overdone it. This report is not verified by Fort Lauderdale pest control companies.