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Fort Lauderdale Muscovy Duck Removal and Control

Muscovy Ducks are an invasive bird species common in Southeast Florida. They often form large flocks in urban and suburban settings, in lawns and landscaping, and around lakes and ponds. They poop up to 1/3 pound per day, and leave their droppings everywhere. They can damage water edges and drive out native bird species. They befoul pond water with their large amount of droppings. They can also transmit disease to native waterfowl. These ducks can also be aggressive, and unnerving, and live around human dwellings. It is mostly the property damage concerns that cause people to want to remove these waterfowl.  

Because this duck is a pest species, we have developed a technique for trapping and removing Moscovy Ducks. We are able to capture the entire group on any given Florida property, and remove them from the premises. Give me a call and I can come and inspect your duck problem and give you a proposal and plan to remove all of them, and restore your property.

Step 1 is trapping and removal of the majority of ducks.
Step 2 is to use cast nets for removal. They become fearful of people after this step so I use it after the trap for the hard to get to ducks.
Step 3 - After the Muscovies are removed, there are usually native ducks that can not be dealt with like mascovies. To deter the native ducks I apply migration fluid in a sprayer. The coating sticks to the grass the ducks eat and upsets their stomachs. It also has an iridescent sheen the ducks can see, which discourages them from using the property as a feeding or nesting grounds.

We provide professional Muscovy Duck control for all of greater Fort Lauderdale, FL including all of Broward County and the towns/cities of Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Margate, North Lauderdale, Lauderhill, Pompano Beach, Oakland Park, Plantation, Cooper City, Hollywood and more. We are not a standard Fort Lauderdale extermination company - we specialize only in wildlife, and will identify and trap the Fort Lauderdale Muscovy Duck, control the problem in full, and we give a guarantee on our work.

Below are some emails I've received regarding Muscovy Duck problems:

Hi Patrick, I live in DeBary and was wondering if you can get rid of some muscovy ducks. At last count their was about thirty of them in my backyard. I live on a small lake in DeBary called Mirror Lake on Valencia Circle. Some of the people on the lake keep feeding them and they continue to multiply. They have covered my yard in droppings, and changed the waterline from nice aquatic vegetation to trampled mud. Several of them have even chased me, presumably looking for food. Can anything be done. Also, they have fouled the lake with algae so says Volusia County. Thanks, Rudy in DeBary

Hello: I hope you have a solution for us. At present we have approximately 10-12 adult Muscovy ducks on the premises both males and females. The largest male is following natural instincts and mating with every female he can find. Last year with only two or three adults we had more than 18 ducklings on the property. They are now destroying our property, and the droppings are unbelievable. Part of the problem was due to some residents feeding the animals. That has been stopped. The animals now wander about eating something in the grass and in the drainage ditches. What can be done about this problem? We'd like them removed and future "residents" discouraged from landing here. Thanks, Tom

I live in meadow woods and we have a lot of these muskovy ducks and they are making a mess and have a lot of disease and was told you can help with removing these ducks! Can you help with this situation?

Wildlife Removal Services - We are a condominium complex located on Snapper Creek Canal in Dadeland, Miami. We have a serious problem with Muscovy ducks - too many of them creating a lot of mess on our property. We want to receive your proposal for trapping and removing these ducks. Please call me, or email me giving us your fees for this service. Linda

Hello....Can you PLEASE tell me how or who to contact to get rid of Muscovy ducks? We don't feed them and don't want them! We live in Sarasota Florida. Thank you.

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