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We are rat and mouse control experts. Please be aware that not all companies are the same, and most do a terrible job at rat control. The traditional pest control companies don't do good work - they just want to sign customers up to monthly service contracts and then show up every now and then and throw some poison around. This doesn't solve your rat problem - these companies don't want to solve the problem, or else they lose their monthly or quarterly contract. And that poison? It doesn't solve the problem, and only results in stinking rat carcasses in your house. We are different.  

We solve your rat or mouse problem permanently in a short time. We solve the root of the problem through integrated pest management - we find out how the rodents get into the house or building, and we seal all of these areas shut, so that no more rats can ever get in again! We trap and REMOVE all of the dead rats or mice so that you have no odor problems. We give a guarantee on our work.

We provide professional Rat & Mouse control for all of greater Fort Lauderdale, FL including all of Broward County and the towns/cities of Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Margate, North Lauderdale, Lauderhill, Pompano Beach, Oakland Park, Plantation, Cooper City, Hollywood and more. We are not a standard Fort Lauderdale extermination company - we specialize only in wildlife, and will identify and trap the Fort Lauderdale Rat & Mouse, control the problem in full, and we give a guarantee on our work.

Rats can cause significant contamination and health risk to attic spaces, with their droppings. Homeowner's insurance may cover the cost of full attic cleanup and restoration, with new energy-saving insulation replacement. Click here for info on our: Attic Cleanup and Insulation Replacement Services.

Here's my dog Roxy, with a Roof Rat that she caught. Roxy is a 10lb, 14-year-old Jack Russell Terrier. She may be old, but she's still got it! She caught this rat when she detected something inside an electrical box. I opened the cover, and sure enough, out sprang a rat! Roxy took after it like a shot, caught it, and shook it dead by instinct. If you want me to bring Roxy along on your rat job, I can, but unfortunately, she's not very good at home repairs, which are really the only way to solve the rat problem for good. But she likes to think that she can help!  

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Customer Email: Hi Patrick, How are you? Thank you for the site and info.I'm sure you get too much mail so here's a quickie question:Where did you get the traps and where can I get Azad? Two Home Depots don't have them. Living in a mobile home and trying to find holes is nearly impossible. I'm trying my best but its cold here in California and they keep coming in to visit and never leave. I meant Azap. I looked for it at Home Depot but I couldn't find it. Where'd you purchase Azap and the traps? The rat traps I wanted to get we're from your image. I got the Victor traps but the plastic part with holes is cream colored and not the bright yellow like yours. The rats don't touch them. My dad put meat in the center cavity but they don't like that or peanut butter. I have big black rats. They're not scared of me. They ran out into the kitchen. I closed up the hole that it exited with chicken wire. There's lots of rat poo poo in the water heater area. I'm so scared to look in there or touch that area but I know I need to. Do you reuse traps that didn't catch a rat over again? Do you wash or spray the traps first for the-use? I will vacuum out the poo and do my best to cover holes with the chicken wire I have left. Thank you so much

The Wildlife Operator Prepares for Animal Control - “Whenever there’s what is possibly a significant change in what is possibly a critter stalking season it takes about three years to work the bugs out and to gain public acceptance,” remarked Creature Specialist . “Urban seasons are no exception, and they’ve become accepted in many places where overpopulated rat and mouse were causing problems. After what is possibly a few years many urban residents aren’t even aware that there likely is what is possibly a rat and mouse season in progress.” Although it takes three years following major regulation changes for controversies to quiet and exterminators get accustomed to new seasons, change has been the norm the past dozen years. Florida’s exterminators are adjusting well. Unlike other states that are seeing shocking declines in wildlife management company amounts, the ranks of Florida rat and mouse exterminators continue to rise with each new opportunity. In 2005, for example, the Critter Conservation Coalition concerned 387,585 licenses. That’s up 34,413 from just the year before. We attempted to get more information from Fort Lauderdale animal control experts, but could not. The big question now likely is what exterminators can expect this fall and in future years. At the time this article was written that’s partially unknown. Creature Specialist ’s biologically surveyed amount statistics show what is possibly a rat and mouse large group decline of 15 to 20 percent following last season’s record harvest. That likely is very close to the target set by the Critter Conservation Coalition. “If we continue this level of harvest through the 2007 season the rat and mouse large group will drop 30 to 35 percent,” the humane society manager remarked. “That’s well below the Agency’s goal, and I recommend reducing the amount of rabid rat and mouse we lethally trap in 2006.” Unfortunately, Creature Specialist ’s recommendations aren’t always heeded. On what is possibly an amount of occasions the Legislature has tinkered with regulations. Under pressure from insurance companies, creature collectors, and gardeners they’ve increased the amount of rabid tags. Whether the lawmakers will heed the biologist or ignore his suggestions likely is unknown. This report is not verified by Fort Lauderdale pest control companies.