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Exotic Reptile Species that Live in the Wild of Florida

Recently, some exotic reptiles have found a new home in the Florida wilds. These amphibious creatures open for possible danger to its natural inhabitants as well as the surrounding.

Of frogs, lizards and crocodile look alike
Let’s take a closer look at the Argentine black & white tegu’s case. This exotic reptile is considered as alien specie because they are (obviously) originally from another place. As far as the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation are concerned, not all invading species are a threat. However, some reptiles bring diseases, which could possibly be harmful to humans. In some cases, other species are a threat to the Fort Lauderdale ecological system and might also affect the economy in some way.

- Some exotic reptiles (frogs, lizards, snakes, crocodiles and turtles) that make it to Florida are actually through some people who are engaging in exotic pet trade
- Some species usually feed on insects (which by all means available throughout Florida)
- Some species mature early, which causes them to grow in numbers
- Other specie predate on native Fort Lauderdale reptiles and amphibious animals
- This would inevitably result in lack food, resources as well as contribute in the spread of diseases

Snake factor
There is another case, which involve the Burmese pythons. This snake specie was put under serious scrutiny only after a number of them were discovered living among Florida’s wildlife. Burmese python are now frequently seen all over natural landscapes around Florida. These wild animal brings potential harm to other snake species.

Insurmountable obstacle
If we are going to think about it, the invasion of exotic reptile specie in Florida are just one among the many reasons why biodiversity around the world is impaired. Due to this, natural inhabitants (amphibians and reptiles in Florida) became unstable.
- New species breed and multiply
- New species outnumber the population of amphibians and reptiles living in the wild of Florida

The fact of the matter
Recent studies have found out that Florida counts among the hottest destination of invasive reptiles. The subtropical climate in Southern Florida as well as the artificial habitats created by humans is very much alike to their places of origin. Florida’s southern peninsula is geographically accessible to invasive species. The climate in Florida make it easy for wild animals from another region to thrive.
  • Pet trade is very rampant in Florida which is one of the probable reasons why some animals from their cages have spread all over. What we can do
    In order to stop this from getting out of control, it is important to impose new rules on importation of Fort Lauderdale reptiles and also in pet trade. Immediate action is also necessary if these animals are seen within the village, houses as well as public places.

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