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How to Keep Away Alligators

Alligators are part of the crocodilian family of Florida reptiles. They are semi-aquatic animals meaning they are animals that can live on both land and water bodies. Their diet consists of birds, rodents, rabbits, fish, snakes e.t.c. The main reason why people do not like their presence is:
- Worry over safety of children
- Worry over safety of pets
- Worry over safety of
- They may cause disturbance or damage property

How to keep away from land
One of the most common ways to keep the Fort Lauderdale gators from invading your private land is by setting up a high voltage fence all along the border of your compound. This method is highly effective although it costs a large fortune to install and maintain. You can alternatively install a strip wire or a toughened wire mesh instead. In case of an invasion it is the best if you contact an expert and do not approach the alligator by yourself. You should know that if you see a gator one day there a high chances that it will be gone before the next day.

How to keep alligators away from your swimming pool or pond
The first thing you should do is to ensure your Florida property including the pool lies within fenced land. This will not only hide the presence of the pool but also prevent the large reptile from accessing it. You should also keep a cover on the swimming pool when it’s not in use.

When the gator has finally accessed your property
If by any chance a Fort Lauderdale alligator has been able to access your property, there are certain things you should never do, these are:
- Do not feed them
- Never try to trap them
- Do not poison them
- Do not shoot them
- Do not wrestle them
First thing you should do is contact a Fort Lauderdale professional who deals with alligators and other preventive measures.

Alligator removal
If you have alligator problem in your backyard and thinking of the best way to get rid of them you can contact a professional alligator removal. Just make sure you only work with a Fort Lauderdale professional and licensed alligator removing company to reduce your risk and increase your chance of getting the dangerous animal remove from your property or backyard. You should not go near alligator even while it is in a trap as you will not qualified to struggle and fight with the animal. The trapper will know the best way to capture and remove the animal without posing any form of risk to you and your pets. The interesting thing about gator removing companies is that you can find one locally within your area for quick and urgent response in any case of a Florida alligator problem.

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